My name is Eva Sykes, I am an artist currently studying MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. I am passionate about working with mixed media techniques such as paint, sculpture, stop frame animation and moving image. I enjoy observing human nature with all its flaws and imperfections, this is expressed in my work which has a visceral quality and can be both grotesque and ethereal at the same time. 
I am interested in exploring ideas of the self as well as the absurdity and humour in the darkness in life. I also like to explore the duality in human nature, how good/evil, beauty/ugly live alongside each other, to expose contradictions in life and in people. I use juxtapositions to contrast seemingly comforting imagery against disturbing elements with the intention to intrigue and unnerve the viewer. 
I aim to create a response where people are repulsed by my work but also feel this strange joy or comfort from the nostalgic elements. I am influenced by the medieval and Renaissance period, as well as mythology and folklore. I like to take this familiar historical imagery and combine it with nostalgic, kitsch and surreal elements to evoke an unsettling feeling and a nightmarish quality. 
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